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    摆脱技巧The great restaurant was about three parts full, and La Touche from the door was able to see Boirac taking his seat in one of the windows. The detective dropped into a place close to the cash desk, and, ordering table-d’h?te lunch, insisted on getting the bill at once, on the grounds that his time was limited and that he might have to leave before finishing. Then he ate a leisurely lunch, keeping an eye on the manufacturer.


    He took the paper and scrutinised it carefully. Then he held it up to the light.
    ‘Well now, I was rather inclined to accept the alibi,’ said M. Chauvet. ‘What part of it do you consider doubtful, Lefarge?’
    ‘I saw M. Felix speaking to the Englishman as they were leaving the bus, otherwise I cannot say.’


    1.‘My Gawd!’ he cried hoarsely. ‘I can’t.’
    2.He glanced quickly round. Only Harkness of all the men present had seen it.
    3.‘One other question, monsieur, and I have done. Did you at any time borrow £50 or the equivalent of French money from M. Felix.’
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